For CDPs

  • Use Social Media!
    For example – host a tip each day on Instagram
    post a reel or TikTok; post photos of events on IG or Facebook.
  • Or, use LinkedIn or other social media to post articles and/or community resources for clients or other CDPs
  • Write an article or post!
    E.g. on LinkedIn; CareerWise
    Canadian Journal of Career Development 
  • Sign up to be a member of MACD
    Join Now to gain the benefits of free PD, networking opportunities and so much more!

For Job Seekers

Earl Nigtingale Quote

For Industry / Employers

  • Host an Open House
    E.g. Open Doors/Tour of the inner workings of your organization
  • Host a Career Fair/Hiring Event
  • Be open to information interview requests and/or reach out to educational programs to offer time to speak to students training in your field
  • Participate in a mentor program:
  • Host a “Take your kids to work day” for your staff
    E.g. as hosted by SafeWork Manitoba:
November is Career & Workforce Development Month


  • Host training and/or networking events:
    E.g. MITT hosts an MTEC CDP workshop/mixer